Zintis offers different types of sessions:

Many clients request Energy Sessions, as this format is the most conducive to utilizing Zintis’ intuitive gifts on behalf of the client.

Read what some of Zintis’ clients have to say

Energy session format (in person)


The normal first-time energy session lasts about 75 minutes. It includes some preliminary discussion, approximately one hour of hands-on energy transference, and then information delivery, questions and suggestions. The Preliminary Discussion is when Zintis gathers any pertinent information that the client wishes to reveal. It should be noted, that the more open and honest a client is, usually the more satisfying and beneficial the entire session will be.

During the Energy Transference part of the session, Zintis lays his hands lightly on various parts of the fully-clothed client. The usual sequence is to start with the head, spend time at each of the chakras, and finish with the legs and feet. This sequence sometimes varies based on a client’s needs and the healer’s intuition. Most clients feel heat coming from his hands. Many clients drift in and out of various states of consciousness.

During this time Zintis receives “information” in the form of impressions, thoughts, visual scenes, and in many other ways. Every client and every session is unique. After the hands-on segment, once the client has “returned” to a full waking state, Zintis summarizes and relays all pertinent information that he’s received during the session. During this Information Delivery his ego often steps back and the information flows from a higher level of awareness. The client is able to ask questions, provide feed-back and discuss any suggestions that have been made during the session.

Second and subsequent session format may be adjusted as required or requested by the client to achieve maximum benefit.

The cost of an energy healing session at the home office starts at $80. The cost of sessions while traveling varies and will be posted along with the schedule.

Preparing for your session

  • Please eat lightly on the day of the session. Best is to eat only raw fruits and vegetables, with some light grains if necessary. If feasible, you might consider a similarly light diet for 3 to 7 days prior to your session. Avoid meat products if possible.
  • If you normally drink coffee or tea, or smoke cigarettes, do not abstain, as that might affect your energy flow as your system goes into withdrawal. However, if you can, avoid ingesting vitamins, supplements, and/or medications on the day of the session.
  • Do not drink alcohol or partake in other recreational drugs within 24 hours of the session.
  • Try to relax as much as possible before coming for your session. The more relaxed and open you are, the deeper the energy will be able to penetrate, especially in a first-time session.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing.
  • Please avoid wearing cologne or perfume, as Zintis is allergic to chemical fragrances.


Zintis will call the client and discuss any issues.  Then the telephone or computer link is disconnected while the client relaxes and Zintis performs the healing.  When he is finished, he will call the client back and talk over the findings.  This is an important way for those who don’t live nearby to benefit from Zintis’ abilities.

“I was initially very skeptical that this would work, but after a single 45 minute session the physical issue I was experiencing was greatly alleviated and I felt energetically recharged.”  RL, Florida

Meditation Classes

Meditation has been shown to lower stress and assist people with relaxation.  Zintis has taught private and group meditation classes for many years, sometimes within the context of yoga instruction. He has intimate knowledge of different forms of meditation and offers instruction in these. Frequently, he also uses “guided meditations” and imagery for healing purposes. Currently group classes are being offered at Shakti Yoga in Maplewod, NJ and privately.

Private Yoga Classes


Trained in the Sivananda style of Hatha Yoga, Zintis is sensitive to an individual student’s physical abilities as well as limitations.

A private yoga class can greatly increase a beginning student’s confidence, or for more advanced students assistance with the asanas can allow the student to explore postures that are difficult to attain in a class situation. Zintis can also devise individualized stretching routines based on the yoga postures. These are especially helpful where injury or other limitations inhibit the participation in a regular yoga class.

Cost: Starting at $80, which for beginners includes customized stick figure drawings of the postures and stretches learned in the session.

In the Montclair area, Zintis can also travel to your home to provide a small group yoga class, which is especially good for a group of friends who may just be starting out with yoga. Cost varies depending on class length and travel time.

Intuitive massage


Zintis works intuitively with the physical body to determine what areas need to be massaged. Emotions, impressions and stressful memories are often carried in muscle tissue and may be released. Often information is revealed psychically to Zintis during the massage. Some clients prefer and request a more traditional deep muscle massage.

Cost: Starting at $80

Please note that, while all types of sessions are offered in Belleville, NJ and Sullivan County, NY, not all types of sessions are offered in all locations when traveling. Check the schedule for a particular city to determine what is available.