reiki training

Zintis offers Reiki level One and Reiki level Two training.

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. This is the “prana” of the Sanskrit tradition, “chi” in the Chinese traditions and often referred to as “light” in Christian and new age movements. Reiki practitioners are taught how to channel the healing energy through their hands. One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is the possibility of self-treatment. Once a person is attuned, he or she can utilize Reiki at any time and anywhere.


The training sessions last from 4 to 7 hours, depending upon the number of students in the group. Some groups move through the process more quickly than others. A light meal is served and is included in the training cost.

The Attunement and Initiation class (Reiki I) includes, among other things, information about Reiki, and some general information about energy healing and the body’s energy systems (chakras, meridians and aura). The actual initiation is an attunement process which is an ancient way of transmitting energy from one person to another. Then the students are taught all the hand positions for performing Reiki on the self and also for performing Reiki on another person.

During Reiki Level II training, the students are taught the Reiki symbols, how to use Reiki during distance healing, and also more advanced Reiki information.

At the end of the class, each participant receives a Reiki Degree Certificate.

The cost for a training varies from $250 – $500, depending on the location of the training and on which degree is being taught. The only pre-requisite for Level I training is for the student to have previously experienced at least one Reiki session with Zintis. Level II students need to have learned Level I, either with Zintis or elsewhere.

Please contact Zintis if you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner.