I would like to thank the many clients who so graciously have given their permission to post their comments on this site. More importantly, I would like to thank all of my clients who have shared themselves with me over the years, and provided me with so many opportunities to learn and grow….


My massage from Zintis was both healing and relaxing. Zintis is professional, warm, and knowledgeable. He gave me some stretches I can do for my back issue, and greatly helped relieve my pain. I highly recommend Zintis to anyone who wants a wonderful massage experience.

—Amber, Montclair, NJ

It’s rare to find a true healer like Zintis. I’ve worked with many doctors, healers, and bodyworkers who practice alternative techniques over the last 25 years — and have experienced only a few who can truly heal on multiple levels like Zintis. He is intimately involved in the partnership, yet maintains comfortable boundaries which allow me to receive whatever healing and blessings I’m able to accept.

—Danielle, Chicago, IL

I became interested in the practice of Reiki after attending an introductory lecture by Zintis in Rio Caliente, Mexico. I had been taking antidepressant drugs for 8 years and was searching for help in eliminating this type of therapy. After a single session with Zintis I felt an immediate release in terms of an emotional and physical catharsis and have been off the medication ever since, a total of 5 months. I would definitely recommend Reiki and especially Zintis.

—A.D., medical anthropologist, Atlanta, GA

Zintis’ strong intuitive powers and gentle, soothing way helped me to relax into a place where discovery and healing took place. Some of the insights he shared with me after the session are tools I continue to use.

—Donna, New York, NY

Although Zintis advertises himself as a Reiki healer, in truth, his natural healing abilities go much, much deeper. Using his intuition as well as guidance from angels and guides, he is able to hone into core issues and help bring about healing at all levels.

—Errol, Las Vegas, NV

Zintis has an intuitive knowingness of exactly what’s going on with my body, both physically and energetically.

—Dr. Jamie, DC, Mongaup Valley, NY

The first time I had a Zintis massage was three weeks after I had broken my knee in a skiing accident. This assault on my body had left me in pain, tense and totally out of balance. What happened during the massage was so remarkable. As his healing hands moved from one part of my body to the next, I had the distinct sensation that I was regaining my sense of my body. I had not realized that I had completely detached from my body from the neck down. By the end of the massage, I was not only extremely relaxed but also very grateful…

… In the years since that first massage, I have had many more. Each time Zintis works exploring the tense points in my body, of which there are usually many, untying the pent-up energy and strains. With the help of his healing hands I regain my center and feel refreshed and renewed.

—Ellen, Youngsville, NY

The thing I love about his teaching (yoga) is that he never makes me feel inadequate. I’d tried yoga before and never wanted to continue because I felt so out of place. That I’ve stuck with this regime, to the benefit of my health and sense of well being, is directly due to his ability to acknowledge and support my growth.

—Gina, Livingston Manor, NY

Through his extraordinary visionary abilities, Zintis not only helped me identify and move through stuck points with suggested activities and increased awarenesses, his sensitivity and keen memory served as a guide to the progress he (and I) witnessed as we continued to do the work. I felt very acknowledged and in partnership.

—Marion, Miami, FL

During this fascinating and something of a life-changing experience I felt deeply relaxed and very peaceful. At the end of the session I felt transformed and completely invigorated. My energy level was extremely high and any anxieties and problems seemed to disappear. What Zintis told me afterwards about what he had found out about my life and energies was deeply moving and fascinating and will also be of great use in my everyday life. It is no exaggeration to say it was an experience that should benefit any person who receives such treatment.

—Clive, London, England

I had hardly the energy to walk to my appointment with Zintis, but after his calming healing session my energy flowed and I practically skipped home. Zintis always makes a positive difference and I welcome any opportunity to see him.

—Lois, Vancouver, B.C.

…through his insight, sensitivity and intuitive sagacity I was able to renew myself into places that are true to my spirit. Also in matters of practicality, his voice is one of sobering reason in a gentle but realistic way. Having a session with Zintis is a special time and place, to share worlds beyond dreams. He expends and gives enormous energy from within his soul.

—Nina, New York, NY

Zintis’ work as a healer surpasses the boundaries of time, so that past, present and future become one throughout the session.

—La, Reiki Master, New York, NY

Zintis has been a gift who has shown me new paths and understanding in appreciating the blessings of my life. With his inspirational yoga instruction, intuitive massage, and his remarkable Reiki, he has helped me to achieve an extraordinary balance in my life. The setting is relaxing and the Yoga Barn is peaceful and serene. The music, aromas, and oils used during my morning Reiki and/or massage treatments are wonderful and uplift me throughout the entire day. We are not always lucky enough to be able to recognize our good fortune. I can say without reservation, that Zintis is a positive force in my life.

—Phyllis, Jeffersonville, NY

Working with Zintis has brought significant changes to my life. He has helped me tremendously in dealing with a diagnosis known as ankylosing spondylitis. He is amazingly sensitive to one’s needs and able to express what needs to be done. I am indeed a fortunate soul to have met him.

—Jim, Honesdale, PA